Cable Lock Foundations

Welcome to another one of Baker Homes pages based on post tension cable foundations. These particular foundations are far superior to the standard rebar and steel slabs that all the other builders are providing in this area and are over 2 times stronger than steel foundations. Once again Baker Homes is the leader in this area as far as what we offer with our standard price home at no extra cost to the home owner as compared to what is used by every other builder in this area in their standard priced home. You can request this type of foundation be provided to you by the other builders in Pearl River County but it will cost you a good penny more, Baker Homes offers this foundation at no extra cost and at no special request by the home owner. Baker Homes is the only builder in Pearl River County including the best foundation money can buy in every house he builds, its our standard foundation package. Please read the info below to fully appreciate what all you get with a post tension cable foundation.

The Power of Post Tension Slabs

These images will give you an idea of just how awesome these slabs are. Just stressed the cables on Lot 49 Wildwood. Baker Homes is the only builder in Pearl River County including these slabs in their standard price. 

Now you see the cracks...

Now you don't!


Internal View


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