Work in Progress


292 Bell Tower Pkwy - Wildwood

Just installed the strongest foundation money can buy for the Kiddys at 292 Bell Tower Pkwy, Wildwood subdivision in Carriere, MS

Lot 196 Wildwood - FINISHED

Lot 196 Wildwood is finally complete and the new owners are moved in and loving their fine home.

Lot 196 Wildwood - Interior Shots


Master Bathroom


Fire Place


Master Shower


Kiddy Update

The Kiddy job Lot 8 Wildwood is ready for forms. Concrete will be coming soon.

Welcome Chris & Glory!

Just wanted to say welcome aboard from Baker Homes to Chris & Glory Kiddy who just signed a contract to have their dream home built in Wildwood subdivision in Carriere, MS. To keep up with their home and many more coming very soon please visit our Facebook business page and Google Business page.

Fireplace Update

All the fireplace needs on Lot 196 Wildwood is for the stucco guy to come and do his thing and the fireplace will really look nice.

A Peek at the Interior

Here is a look at some of the inside work on Lot 196 Wildwood, cabinets and brickwork on the breakfast bar.

Lot 196 - Wildwood Subdivision


Getting Closer...

The stucco and brick are complete and  were getting much closer to having Lot 196 Wildwood finished for the owners to move in.

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Lot 196 Wildwood is SOLD!!

We haven't even finished the framing yet, but don't worry i will be starting another one as soon as possible. Please keep up with the progress of this home and others soon to follow to see the quality and professionalism we bring to the table.

Just started breaking ground on Lot 196 in Wildwood subdivision in Carriere, MS. This home will be for sale for $242 thousand, check on the progress weekly.

Almost ready for concrete on Lot 196 in Wildwood subdivision Carriere, MS

Pouring concrete bright and early in the morning on Lot 196 Wildwood subdivision Carriere, MS. framing the house won't be far behind.

I know you're thinking he must be getting ready to lay sod. His job looks so clean and graded. Nope, just getting it ready for the framers, its all about pride in your work.

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